Not that I’ve got anything to write or anything interesting to say…
Today was another pub experience. Geoff, Paul the pick, Brodie, Benners and I ate and laughed about stuff. Michele came up after work and we had a quick drink with Claire, Liz, Alan, Zap (whose voice now sounds much less like a 10-year-old dalek), Geoff and Lynn.
Michele and Claire, both being girls, spent ages discussing small glass bottles of coloured liquid. Bless their little female hearts.
Then Michele and I went to Gastro Gastro – a really nice (although fucking expensive) restaurant, in deptford. The chef came out to accept compliments, although I have to say they were deserved. The food is great. I’ve no idea what sort of style you could say it was, but it’s good. At a guess I’d say it was a sort of anglo-italian-carribean-spanish sort of thing. The chef is a really nice bloke anyway.
To round the evening off we caught a cab and had a typicallly unimaginative argument on the way home. Pity, it was going really well until then.
Ah but a brief soujourn in the local Spar got us both Laughing. If anyone is interested in nominating someone for an MBE, I suggest Jay from the Tyrwhitt Rd Spar. How he keeps up his level of humour and sarcasm is anyone’s guess. Such a good shop that.

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