Biggest anti-war demo ever

A nice few days really. On saturday we went on the biggest anti-war demo in british history. Possibly the biggest demo about anything in british history. “We” was me, Alex, Mod, Ben and Michele. Yes Michele came! Her first demo and what a demo it was. Everything you could ask for drummers, banners, whistles and 2 million people! Fantastic. We got to Hyde Park and spent long enough there to take a picture and then fucked off to find an empty pub. Obviously we failed and ended up sitting outside in the freezing fucking cold. However we did meet up with Toby, Petra, and Mod’s friend Justine. After following some shit advice from Ben (sorry Ben 🙂 we walked about 200 miles to find a pub that had closed down and ended up in a very poncy wine/cocktail bar in Kensington. It wasn’t all bad tho because apart from being reasonably priced they gave away plates of Nachos and we got a seat. Cool.

Since then we’ve had Tony “The right cunt” Blair changing tack and trying to convince us that the war is going to be after a humanitarian cause, and the U.S. chucking their toys out of the pram and organising sactions against Germany because of their recluctance to kill thousands of brown people in order to build a new world fascists order… Funny old world….

On tuesday I went to an Apple seminar with Dave Riddle. An interesting day, but a bit Mosley: they all wear black with small white logos on the breast and start by telling you how cool and empowering their software is. They smile and talk about how mellow macos X is..until you ask them a question….then their faces turn stony as they announce “we can’t tell you about that”. Yeah.
Here is my list of question that are guarenteed to reveal the corproate fascist lurking behind the facade of a friendly Apple salesman

  • How much is the upgrade from MacOS X server 10.1 to 10.2
  • Will MacOS X ever support smb (Windows Networking) for home folders ?
  • I bought 10.1 and it doesn’t work, where can I download the upgrade to 10.2 where the bugs have been fixed
  • I’ve been a hardcore mac supporter for 15 years but for some reason you won’t let me upgrade to your latest system…why not ?
  • Your open source policy is great and I’ve spent many hours developing chunks of your lucrative system for you for free, but I can’t seem to find the source to aqua/quartz/etc – where can I download it ?
  • Are there any seminars planned that don’t involve making us, your already loyal supporters, sit through your latest diabolical advertising propaganda ?
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