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Well yes, it is a bit crap that I haven’t written since Jan 23rd. The problem is that the longer I leave writing something the more difficult it becomes to write because I know it’s going to have be quite long. This why I’m so crap at keeping on touch with people. For example, Marla. Marla is someone who I really miss, but only write to once a year. By the power of e-mail we could talk daily but we don’t. After a week of no contact with someone you realise that the next time you write it’s going to be a long, long letter and take ages to write. So you better wait until you have time to write it properly, and of course that time never comes. The longer you wait for a “suitable time” the more difficult it becomes to write. Then people think you just don’t write back because you’re an arrogant wanker. Oh dear… Sorry to Marla, Alex, Tony, Dave, Andy, Tina, Nicola (not necessarily in that order of course) and all of the other people I love but never write to. I’m just crap.
Anyway, since Jan 23rd my life has consisted of

  • Being really bloody ill for a week
  • Completing my Tax Return Yay!. Even though it turns out I owe the cunts a grand because of the incompetence of an account at a previous job it’s a weight off my mind
  • Being depressed by the state of the world
  • Being brought out of depression by crap thinks like AC/DC
  • Working
  • Sleeping
  • Drinking and Laughing
  • Being angry with Connex

Saturday will be very interesting. Never, in my entire life, have I heard the Police estimate the number of people at a forthcoming demo to be 500,000. Coupled with the fact that just about everyone I know is going makes me think that there will be millions of people there! Even Michele is coming!

And how amusing to watch the yanks and the government struggle to scare the population into agreeing with the War on Iraq (previously the war on terror). They even put a Tank at Heathrow…you sad wankers. Some poor bastard had to go on “Today” this morning and explain to Jim Naughtie what it was for. Eventually he had to admit it was totally pointless and was just there because “if Al-Quaeda were planning to drive a van full of explosives into the airport, they’d think again if they saw a tank”. Laugh I nearly shat….which would have been very bad, because I was in the bath.

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