Dreaming is when your mind goes off from reality, usually because not much is going on there apart from snoring, and creates a fantasy world where anything can happen. Our bland, drab, routine lives are left behind as we are free to explore the limitless possibilities the world has to offer without tedious real-life considerations such as wealth, work and phone bills. So, why then are my dreams so utterly crap ?

Rather than dream about going into space to relax in an intergalactic pleasure dome with its own vinyard I dream about forgetting appointements, arguing with people I like and being slightly late for something important.
The worse thing about such crap dreams is when you don’t properly remember them, but the experiences lurk in the dull recesses of your mind and eventually become memories. That’s such a cruel trick. I once had a really paranoid dream about a group of friends telling me to fuck off. I forgot all about the dream, but the next time I met one of them, there was a slight feeling of discomfort in the back of my head.
Then there are the ones where you dream something really cool and wake up to find it’s not true. I used to get those a lot as a kid, like the one where I had a Merlin. Upon waking I excitedly opened my bedisde cabinet to play with it only to find that it wasn’t there – instead there was a marketing pamphlet for Merlin explaining how much fun it is when you’ve got one.
Michele’s dad had a smiliar dream as a child. He came down the next day, obviously very unhappy and asked his mum “where are all the puppies ?”.

So here are a list of some of the crappest dream scanarios I’ve had recently:

  • Aries (a UNIX box at work) going down and needed to bee rebooted from CD. This was in real-time.
  • Being wrongly imprisoned for tax evasion and being told by another con about the state of the place inside, and how the floor was covered in KY jelly, blood and shit
  • Being late for work
  • Writing a program in C to do something really unexciting
  • Describing, in extreme detail, something to do with cryptography that in reality makes no sense at all
  • Getting caught skiving by the boss
  • Michele leaving me for a right wanker
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