A good weekend

How many mondays have you felt saddened when people ask you “how was your weekend ?”. Well this weekend I can reply totally positively.
To be honest I wasn’t relishing the though of going out with Michele’s friends, the Callaghans, on saturday – I like them and all but wasn’t feeling too sociable – but I’m so glad I went.
In the theatre bar I bumped into an old Goldsmiths student, Phillipa, and remembered her name! 10 cool points to me. She didn’t remember mine (-10) but she remembered me (+2). I then went on to explain to Michele that despite her sounding dreary she was cool and really nice….without realising she was sitting directly behind me at the time (-100).
Oh well. Anyway it was lovely to see the Callaghans, especially Mary. The play was superb – “Iron” by Rona Munro. The only other things she’d written that I’d seen was “Butterfly Butterfly” which was grim as fuck. This was just as good, but not quite so grim.
Afterwards Loch, Mary and Chris took us out for a really good meal in a restaurant called “Oriels”. We ate nice food, talked and laughed, and after all that’s what life should be all about. Ok it wasn’t quite as good as gastro Gastro but as someone who enjoys eating anything, I loved it. A great night.
Today was great as well. Michele and I went down to the ironically named “Good View” noodle bar in Lewisham and ate way too much yummy food. Later in the day we went to my mum and dad’s and ate way too much yummy food. And we laughed a lot. That’s what a good weekend should be about. Work tomorrow doesn’t seem like a drag at all. ENVY ME!

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