It’s all alright: he has all of the peas

  • It’s Easter. Rather than any of that insane cobblers the Christians came up with to hijack the spring festival, the real meaning of Easter is a long time off of work with sunny weather that doesn’t yet cause the dangerous levels of sweat caused by Summer.
  • The sun’s out.
  • I’ve not been to work since Wednesday and don’t have to go back until Tuesday.
  • This MacBook now has 2G of RAM and lets me run Parallels properly.
  • Ahamdinejad managed to make complete pratts out of the US neo-cons and the Brits . Daddy Mention has very clear-headed take on the events of the Iranian hostage crisis that is the only explaination I’ve heard so far that makes any sense. My favourite bit about the whole teacup-based-storm is how angry John Bolton got; his hair almost went black with rage.
  • The birthday season has started
  • I’ve had time to write stupid and pointless little toys.
  • He has all of teh peas.
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