If you were really keen to invade a country, say Iran, but were already in dire straights as a result of two bloody, on-going, conflicts, you’d probably have to abandon the idea; you’d never get any support from your electorate because the other conflicts had been such a massive balls-up.
But what would happen if the country you wanted to invade suddenly did something outrageous ? Not outrageous in the sense of killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people, like in Iraq and Afghanistan, but outrageous in a way that would rally the public with a few carefully written newspaper headlines. I mean, what if they suddenly kidnapped a load of our poor brave soldiers, who were only doing their job, and made up some ridiculous claim about them trespassing ? Suddenly it becomes necessary to teach these foreign johnnies a lesson, whatever the cost…even if it means invading.

Personally I have no idea about how the current situation in Iran developed but I do not believe anything I’m hearing on the news. This is way too convenient to be an accident. Why the hell would Iran, fully aware that America and the UK are itching to “free” them with massive firepower, suddenly kidnap a load of British soldiers in international waters ?

So, were the soldiers in Iranian waters ? If so why ? If not, why would Iran capture them ? We know that the US can easily bugger about with GPS, especially during the recent wars, and so what if this “misunderstanding” was as a result of either the Brits or Iran believing dodgy GPS info ?

We’ll know whether the UK government were collusive in the plan if The Saan suddenly starts getting all jingoistic about it again. I never thought they would be able to pull this one off but it’s looking increasingly likely that Iran will get invaded.

P.S. Apparently I got a letter published in the latest Eye!

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