I’m slippin, I’m fallin, I can’t get up

It’s quite possible that I’m going out of my head. Last night I woke up at 3am and didn’t get back to sleep. At 7am I’d ripped the sofa to bits in the search for my wedding ring, which had fallen down the side last night due to my inebriation at the time. I applied a considerable amount of duct tape to it afterwards, but it’s still knackered.
Last night was emotional. The extended family experienced a bereavement which strongly affected everyone; in my case this was responsible for the imbibing of a load of Bells. This forum is not a good place to discuss the current state of family affairs, but we are all very upset. As a result I couldn’t sleep. I know I wasn’t the only person in London staring at the ceiling for most of the night. My thoughts are with the others as I type.
Luckily I’d taken the day off today which afforded me the opportunity to have lunch with some workmates and then sleep this afternoon. Thank god. Sleep is what I needed.

Humph has been really clingy today. It’s like he could tell how upset we all were yesterday. Everytime I left the room he freaked out! When we slept on the sofas this afternoon, he slept on the sofa!
This evening he was all over us. Most of the night was spent on the ibook. In fact the little bugger managed to pull off my ‘escape’ key before I could stop him. I dug out another laoptop for him (a knacked old 386) but he’s not interested. It seems that unless it’s got a G3 or better he’s not up for it. He’s a very lovely bird though. Michele, Humph and I spent some really good quality time together tonight.

Finally – Iraq. Inevitable eh ? Labour won the vote, thanks to some serious palm greasing I imagine. In fairness I don’t know what to think about moving out or staying now. If it had been up to me we wouldn’t be there in the first place. Like we’re not in China, Chile, Sudan, etc etc etc. However, despite the confusion in my head I was gobsmacked to here the UK’s special envoy to Iraq, Jeremy Greenstock, come out with the following two lines on the Today Programme this morning:

Remember it’s no longer an occupation, we are there by invitation of the Iraqis.

We are only there by invitation of the sovereign Iraqi state, and if they want us to leave then we must do so.

Sounds reasonable doesn’t it ?
Until someone stands up and shouts, in a very loud voice, over a very powerful megaphone, that we set up the current Iraqi state! In other words, anyone can invade another country, destroy the government, replace it with another one and then claim that they are there by invitation of the new government. Can we all play this game ? Could I walk into a nice posh house in Blackheath, kill the owners, set up some friends as the new owners, and then claim I was living there because the “rightful owners” invited me ? Could I bollocks! And we’re not talking about killing a nice family of 4 in Blackheath, we’re talking about killing over 12,900 civilians [at the time of writing anyway – of course this figure only ever increases].

Sleep well.

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