Remember that place ? Oh go on! You do! Just because it hasn’t been in the press for a couple of years. Yeah – you remember, the UK and USA invaded it before they moved to Iraq ? They wanted to spare the citizens from the wicked Taliban (the ones that America gave power to in the first place…like they did with Saddam and the Baath party).
Well, despite the fact we have been victorious in Iraq and Afghanistan, it turns out that we still need to send more troops to both places because the ungrateful bastards still think they aren’t free! Idiots! Surely they understand what freedom means! It means doing what the fuck you’re told and shutting your fucking mouths while the people “with leadership skills” tell the rest of the world what you really think.
FTR – I think the people who are taking innocent hostages are the worst sort of scum. Listen dudes: Don’t opress the opressed!. The people you are kidnapping are as much victims as you. You are using easy, nasty tactics when you should be using your brains. Looks like you don’t have any. Fight by all means, but fight the guilty. Kidnap the guilty! Leave the pawns alone. They don’t understand any of it either. I know that Bush and Blair are both cynical bastards, but punishing some poor sod who has ended up in Iraq will not help the cause.

Who am I talking to ? Myself. I’m just angry. Angry with everyone…including me.

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