Firstly, two things that deserve another mention:

  1. Carpetface:Go to and watch his “Friday Night Sniper” video when you get a few minutes in the company of a lot of bandwidth.
  2. Epitonic. If you ever find yourself desperate for some new music, but the idea of watching music programmes or reading the music press makes you feel like puking, then go to Epitonic, follow a link or two and then click “Stream this Page”. Instantly you get a massive playlist of excellent tunes! If there are any you don’t like, drop them off the playlist! I can’t stress how good the site is.

My head’s mellowed out a bit since the last post. Last night was great. Saw loads of people I haven’t seen for quite a while (Seb, Denny, David, Kate, Vic, Khalid, 10¥) and it was a really nice vibe. Nominally it was a celebration of Vic handing in her PhD…which, as anyone who has either done a PhD or lived with someone who has, will know is worth celebrating. But it ended up just being a good pissup.
Brendon, the landlord, had a quiet word with me as I staggered out to ask why we weren’t in the pub so frequently this week 🙂

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