For the last few days I’ve been feeling more tired, achey and in pain. Today it was too much so I stayed at home and tried to sleep as much as I could. It has made me feel a lot better although day-time telly made me feel a lot worse, despite Des and Mel now being off the air.
There are probably loads of things I should blog about, but really I can’t be bothered. The reason for a long inter-blog distance is either being too busy, or ennui. I’ve had both, so in order to make life quicker and simpler, here are the things I would have blogged about if I could be arsed:

  • Blair’s days being numbered – mark my words
  • Wanker Bush not being dead…although I think most U.S. republicans probably agree with me on that one
  • Humph being nervous but even more adorable
  • Feeling crap about how bad I am at contacting my friends
  • Feeling annoyed about how poor my current place of employment is with regard to management
  • Wishing Jack Straw would fall into a vat of solvent “dip” and bubble away into nothing.
  • Wishing Herr Jack Straw would get whipped too hard by Frauline Helga and pass out so that the French resitance could shoot him in the face
  • Probably loads of other things I’ve forgotten about

Ah well, good night.

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