A truly bollocks week. One long round of battles with morons, and general frustration with everything, topped off with a dollop of creamy crap on Friday when what should have been a simple reboot of the main SMTP server at work revealed that for the last 191 days it has been running, it has been slowly corrupting the filesystem. This is because of a known bug in the (redhat) kernel we were using. Oh for regular downtime.

Back home, we got the 550 quid from the landlady, and so now it’s just a case of getting back the remaining 200 quid the bastard thinks she’s stiffed us for.

No, I’m not happy at the moment. Work is pissing me right off, as is not being at work, because all I can ever see is life and money dripping away…
After a crap night’s “sleep” which mainly involved being awake, I got up and decided to have a cup of tea and watch some crap telly. The power switch on the telly seems to have broken. The lid was stuck on the milk. I know these are all petty things, but they’re just little annoyances that make the “stable” parts of life seem less stable and more irritating. And yes I got the lid off the milk in the end (with a knife) and yes I managed to jam in the power switch on the telly with a biro lid…

So what shall I do today ? One of the many tasks for my main job that I couldn’t do during the working week because I was too busy dealing with bloody rubbish that isn’t even my job…or maybe it is…I haven’t got a clue what I’m actually supposed to be doing these days.
Or perhaps I’ll do some of the work for other companies that I’m forced to do because money keeps disappearing, despite the fact that I’ll be taxed at 40 % on it and end up…oh god I’m sorry, I’ll stop whinging now.
Some good things:

P.S. – thanks to reader ‘al’ for explaining why there are two videos for Laura: “The band didn’t like their performance in first one with the hands and the
lightning so they made another one…..”

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