Fravia et al

Can one ask for more ? Almost perfect. I took the day off work and met Zap on the train en route to Ravensbourne college for a stimulating morning. Fravia, one of my all time heroes, was giving a lecture and it was totally inspiring. After the talk I even got to shake the man’s hand. Thanks Fravia.

Afterwards, I, TenYen, JS, Zap, Jim and Derek had a very pleasant chat which reminded me how many sound people there are in the world. Very enjoyable. Hope we all get to meet again soon.
So then, Zap and I walked into Chistlehurst to go to the pub (after a very long detour that a friendly chap with naked-women-tatoos, and a quiff, pointed out was bogus…long and tedious story).
Despite the rain, we had some nice conversation in the outdoors, some good food, some good Guiness, and it was a truly lovely day.

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