Last night I started feeling cage-bound (a bit like cabin fever but without the sea) and so decided to go out for a pint with a mate of mine, Pete. Annoyingly I didn’t have his number so decided to “cold canvas” him as he only lives 10 minues walk away. Of course, he wasn’t in. Undeterred I went to one of the only, if not the only proper pub in London, which just happens to be 15 seconds walk from his house. I had a beautiful pint of Guiness in the cool, sunny, evening air and enjoyed every drop. After this I decided to walk down to Brockley. Just as I got to the “Brockley Balti”, as was, I bumped into Beth, and we had a nice chat before going into the place to meet Matt and his mate who were waiting for a curry to take home and get bollocksed with. Really nice chat we had. Afterwards, I popped into the Brockley Barge (previously the “Breakyour Arms”) and downed a quick whisky. Optimistically, I called by Pete’s to see if he was there, which, by the amazing effect of passage-of-time, he was! So we went back to the best pub in London and had a nice pint of Guiness together.
All in all a perfect evening, and the excercise derived from wandering around New Cross and Brockley meant that I slept like a baby!
Typically crap day at work, although Scorpio held up; good server.

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