Blood Pressure

Went to the quack this morning to follow up on some surgery I’ve been expecting for months. While I was there he checked my chest (at my request – I’m a martyr to mucus), then checked my heart, and then my blood pressure, and then looked worried. He did his best to reassure me that everything was ok, which considering I hadn’t considered anything wouldn’t be ok, got me worried. Now I’ve got to have a blood test and go back to see him next week. Arses. What I forgot to tell him was that last night I’d drunk a lot more than usual.
You see the Hobgoblin has new management and Brodie came up for an “official visit” to introduce his old regulars (before….the troubles) to the new guvnor.
Needless to say it was very fun and very Guiness…
Work’s been pretty good recently. Maybe that’s because of the excitement about the new project…but maybe it’s just because there’s so few people about I’m not getting called all the bloody time…in fact, that’s it. It’s quiet, so I can work. Simple really.

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