OK, so either 50% of America is composed of deluded morons, or the vote was rigged. Either way, it looks like Bush is going to win. The rest of the world’s population looks on aghast. Not knowing whether to be shocked, astonished or just depressed. The worst thing is that the Bush supporters don’t feel ashamed that they are the laughing stock of the rest of the world…in fact that just proves to them that they are better than the rest of the world.
Anyway – back to my penis.
This morning I had a visit from Zap, whom I haven’t seen for several weeks. While he was here we were all disturbed to hear a violent banging on the window. My boss, Geoff, and my colleague, Shirley had arrived to deliver some good vibes from my work mates. Some beautiful flowers, a cheese selection, a bottle of chilean red, a bottle of Bushmills (10 year old single malt Irish – my favourite whisky) and a card signed by everyone in CS. I nearly cried. In the past I have received leaving cards and been utterly chuffed by every one of them. But this is the first “congratulations on your circumcision” cards. I’ll trasure it! Thanks everyone! I may well enter it for the Guinness book of records “card with the most number of references to the recipients penis” entry.
Went to the doc this afternoon in my dad’s new car. After a long wait, I went in, the doc checked it out, gave me another 10 days off work and basically told me the bleeding, scary looking stuff and pain was totally normal. Thanks NHS.
So now I’m totally happy. I know my nob’s not going to fall off (for a while), I know that my work mates are getting a healthy amount of amusement out of my condition, which is the way it should be. And I’ve got cheese and Bushmills for company 🙂

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