More about nobs

Squemish people look away now.
Here is a picture of a seriously scary, deformed nob:
A Nob After looking at that I don’t feel so bad about my own affliction. Things are much the same, nobwise, at the moment. I’m planning to go and see the quack tomorrow. I’ve been paying my stamps for 33 years and getting my moneys worth in this way makes me feel a lot better about it.
Michele and I have been doing a lot of worrying about the U.S. election, my feelings on the relevence of the whole thing notwithstanding… The biggest problem I have is not worrying about how bad the world will be with that tosser running things for another 4 years, but worrying about how so many people can vote for him. I’m sorry people, but I don’t believe in mass stupidity, but I do in mass gullability. The poor people who vote for him are clearly so detached from the real world that they have no other choice. Picture these poor peasants:

  • They probably haven’t walked for more than 20 yards in one stretch in the open air for the majority of their lives
  • They don’t understand why you would ever need a pavement.
  • They think the TV news is objective and can’t imagine any reason why it wouldn’t be…unless it was a foreign news source.
  • They don’t realise that Fox News is run by a foreigner: whereabouts in the world is Murdoch a citizen these days
  • They genuinely think that Al Quaeda have a plan to cause widespread carnage in ButtFuck, TX or whatever rinky dink suburban hell-hole they live in.
  • They think they’re free!

Pity them…
I know the polls are really undecided at the moment, but I also know that paying any attention to polls within the last few months of an election campaign is generally completely pointless. Apart from the statistical evidence backing that assertion up, there are other, potentionally more convincing, reasons. I mean…who is conducting these polls ? I don’t mean the companies, I mean really. The people on the front line… Generally it’s going to be minimum-wage, underpaid slaves. Put under pressure by the managers to deliver the goods. The managers may well have their own “partisan” agendas too. Doesn’t really make for an accurate unbiased system does it ? Ignore the poles.
AFAICT, in terms of number votes, Kerry has won it. There can be no other reason for the massive turn-out. All of the apathetic, jaded, cynical, bastards (like I would have been), who didn’t turn out last time, realise that this whole NeoNazi^H^H^H^HCon thing needs to be stopped.
However, who will win no longer depends on the number of votes as we have rampant corruption to take into consideration:

The next 24 hours will be very interesting.

Changing the subject sightly; My mum and dad have bought a new car from the insurance dough. They only got 500 quid but luck threw them an 8 year old Rover 100 sold by the neighbours of my favourite aunt and uncle. This one has an immobiliser but I’d still like to put a wireless camera in there so we can catch any little bastard who tries to nick it. That way I may be able to find him and administer a bit of aversion therapy…with a big stick with all nails sticking out.
As for the insurance company…if I ever get diagnosed with a fatal disease, watch your backs. I’m taking people with me. It’ll either be Bankers, Insurance brokers, Estate Agents or Lawyers. I might even set up an Earls Court conference for “The financial and legal implications of property purchases and how can you insure yourself against trouble”. One small red-mercury bomb and we purify the whole of the UK…

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