Oh well…can I have another go please ?

This is my third attempt at blogging since the last entry. The other two attempts were prevented by a combination of ennui and motivational void.
Partly it’s because I can’t walk about without some sort of pain…and fear that I’m making things worse. Partly it’s because, being away from work, I realise how much I don’t want to do computer support any more…in any shape or form. Partly it’s because I can’t do anything else. Partly it’s because I want to do something creative, but I don’t seem to have any creative skills whatsoever. Partly it’s because…well…everything…

However, I put most of the blame on daytime TV. I hate it. Yet, for some inexplicable reason I compell myself to watch it. I don’t know why. It’s like Videodrome, it has a physiological effect on the viewer, only in the case of ITV2, it doesn’t create “The New Flesh”, it just converts grey matter into a, presumably tasteless, cheese. Hmm, maybe I’m being too harsh. Maybe it tastes like some really good brie… I just suspect it tastes like overprocessed American cheese. BTW – did you know that Americans buy cheddar that is red…and tasteless ? And they think that’s proper cheddar. Weird eh ?

It has been so boring that:

  • I registered virtualboozer.com and setup a chat room there…even though no-one knows about it. Login and have a go if you get really bloody bored.
  • I’ve been watching Emmerdale. Nuff said
  • The prospect of listening to The Archers this morning filled me with excitement
  • Yesterday, not only did we watch Silent Running for the umpteenth time, but I also watched Jason and the Argonauts…again
  • I’ve been watching Coronation Street..and the repeats…and the omnibus…
  • Other things too tragic to mention

That’s enough creativity for now (I told you it was desperate). Bye.

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