In the past I have been accused of bullying. I’ve also felt like I’d been bullied, although at the time I really felt it was my fault for being weak. I was weak. Also, I was a coward.

Looking back at those times, I realise I was party to bullying, and I was personally bullied. But now I’m not weak. Well, physically I’m the biggest weakling you’ve ever met, but I’m not scared any more, and I’ll take on any fucker even if it results in being hospitalised.

At school there was a kid in my class, let’s call him “Dick”. He was a weird-looking moron who spent his entire life talking about all of the things he believed he got up to outside of school. All of them not only bullshit, but offensive: tales of killing cats, and setting fire to old ladies houses. Me and my geeky friends didn’t like him, and didn’t want him hanging around with us. But he was glued to one particular friend that I really liked. We used to regularly try to run away from him, mock him, and generally let him know we didn’t like him. That was bullying, even though it didn’t feel like it at the time.

Years later we discover that he was from a fucked-up family, and he had secretly been introduced to our friend as someone who needed support. We were kids, we didn’t know or understand what could turn a frightened kid into a nasty, bullshit-spouting git. Maybe that’s what happened to Nick Griffin.

Nowadays I’m only too acutely aware of bullying, and frequently see it in everyday life. None of the bullies would consider themselves so, and the victims likewise. Social pressure is a strong motivator, and it’s too easy to forget how strong the urge can be to pretend you’re ok, even to yourself.

Tonight we watched the next episode of “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here” which should now be more aptly titled as “the international bullying awards”.

Jordan/Katie-Price may be an odious, ego-driven, publicity-whore. But does that justify our entertainment of watching her genuinely suffer? We all wish we had her money and we all know she got it through being a publicity-whore; a job at which she is obviously skilled. But does that really justify watching her undergo treatment that is, clearly and genuinely, traumatic ?

Since Jordan entered the Jungle last time she has transformed from a genuinely beautiful woman (albeit with ridiculously over-sized, concrete-looking, fake, breasts) to being a freakish demonstration of the dangers of plastic surgery. She now looks beaten-up, especially her pathetically fucked lips. She’s also older, which is a curse that weakens people. Every day so far “the general public” have voted her into performing like a wounded sea-lion for everyone to laugh at. It feels like watching They shoot horses don’t they?

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