As I write this, I have a small green bird on my shoulder, a beautiful budgie (who looks like a little fluffy cloud) in a cage next to me, and a Meyers Parrot sitting on top of his cage grinding his beak. Our two “big guys” are in the kitchen, covered, and sleeping. That’s five birds. There are five birds in my house. How did this happen ? How did I end up with a house full of birds ? How did I end up with a house ? I’m only 15.

Earlier this evening I wish we could have taken a photo of us eating a curry, watching Harry Hill’s TV Burp, with five beautiful birds around; and then sent it back in time to myself at age 21. The first thing I would have noticed was the gorgeous blonde girl sitting next to me. Then I would have noticed the parrots, and spent the next few years trying to find girls that like birds. Asking M if she was into birds at the time would have resulted in “no, just bats” so the future probably wouldn’t be altered too much.

The reason for our increased flock size is that we are bird sitting The Grinch, and we’re looking after a beautiful little budgie until we can re-home him/her. If you live near NW Philly and believe you could give enough TLC to a beautiful little parrot, please let me know. He was terrified at first but now, despite being too scared to step-up, he’s far more confident. He also makes some of the most incredible noises we’ve ever heard.

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