Winner and Loser

What more fitting tribute to the great (in the sense of grossly fat) man Bernard Manning could there be than an obituary in the Daily Mail penned by that equally odious glutton Michael Winner.

It seems we (me and the rest of the loony left) are wrong about what’s funny and what isn’t! No wonder we all hate him, Manning and Jim Davidson; it’s simply because we don’t understand humour and common sense!

Winner explains by using a simple example:

“When Lenny Henry, one of our wonderful black comics, started out, he had a terrific line in his act.”

he slobbered.

“He’d say: ‘If you don’t laugh, I’ll come and live next door to you.’ Funny, funny, funny. Later, I seem to remember Lenny apologising for that. Silly, silly, silly.”

You see, that’s funny! Jokes about black people moving next door to you! That’s what makes people with common sense, for example readers of the Mail, laugh isn’t it? And all the time they’re laughing, Lenny is being appreciated.

Meanwhile, all we joyless, ignorant, unrealistic, lunatics on the left have to keep us happy is humourless PC sourness.

One of the funniest things I’ve read recently, which means it must be an example of this PC rubbish, was in my favourite magazine: Viz. They had a competition to give away a pound coin to the first thousand readers who wrote in and admitted to wanking into Michael Winner’s food, whilst working as restaurant staff. The highlight was someone who didn’t have time to wank into his soup and was astounded when it was returned to the kitchen because it “tasted funny”.

See, not funny at all.


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