A beautiful example of why I hate lawyers and the law in general can be found in this supposedly humourous exchange between two twats. Now, this has been posted all over the Internet, because it features a lawyer making lame legal threats that turn in to threats of physical violence. All very amusing I’m sure you’ll agree. Especially as we witness the protagonist slicing through the threats with his huge purple-veined sword of superior legal knowledge and massive stature…not to mention his mad martial arts skills…ffs.

In reality, this story is nothing more than a public cock-flexing competition between two morons. We are supposed to read this, sneering and laughing at this pathetic lawyer’s impotence and applauding the righteousness exuded by our hero. But hold on, making impotent legal threats and being an obnoxious bastard is what being a lawyer is all about! That’s what they do. That’s why we should kill them all.
But I contest that worse than lawyers are those that encourage them and egg them on, like our hero TJIC.
Stop it you gormless cretin! And while we’re on about it, what sort of fuckwit calls himself an anarcho-capitalist ? That’s a contradiction in terms! If that wasn’t damning enough, he also claims to be a catholic. And armed. On the same page. How very righteous.

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