What do you want out of life ?

What do you want out of life ?
The last few days have been examples of my ideal life. More of this please.
On tuesday was Adrian and Lesley’s wedding. Great ceremony (no religion),
lots of old friends: Toby, Petra, Greg and Margaret, Simon, Adrian (of course), Howard and lots of new friends: Laekha, Alex, Anna, Rosy. Altogether a happy day. Weddings aren’t supposed to be like that…there wasn’t even a fight.
Greg’s speech was a masterpiece and, despite going on for 2 or 3 hours at least, caused me to laugh louder and longer than is polite.
The sun has been out and shining for the last two days and bought that gorgeous translucent blue sky that brings the true beauty of nature out and into your face. We have just had a few lovely hours out in it, in the Rosemary Branch garden. Lovely.

While I’ve been at work over ther last two days, Michele has been at home with Humphrey and he has at last come out of his shell. Not only is he playing with his toys and generally being cute – but today he even came out of his cage and wandered about for a bit! Such a lovely bird.

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