We squeak him here, we squeak him there

You may remember the trouble we had with mice a while back and how worried I was about the genocide that took place in our little flat. Well, we’ve had another batch, and I mean “batch”, of mice. So, within a month we caught (and released) 4 (in one night), killed 3, and felt dreadful about it. Things have changed since then. We still have mice, or maybe a mouse, but now we have turned into psycho mice-killers.
Every night we prime traps, just like we used to do with the others we slayed, and every night our devilish little foe takes the yummy bait off of every trap whilst leaving it active!
The little shit has even set one off under our bed without getting caught! It must have been a deliberate display of bravado. He runs by us all the time during the day and night, laughing at us. This is the Scarlet Pimpernel of mice and

he mocks us!

We’re being tortured by the little git. I imagine him standing in the corner of the room, leaning against the wall, eating our bait, and insulting us in a french accent…like the knights in The Holy Grail.
So tonight, our humanity down to the empty mark, we have decided to use a secret weapon: superglue. The traps have the bait glued down and any attempt to liberate it will result in DEATH! Muwhahahahaha! And tomorrow, when we have caught the beautiful little life in our traps of death, I will have no remorse! In fact I may take a picture and display it on this blog, Ceausescu style, to prove that the menace is gone.

Why is this blog like a 21 bus ? Because you can wait two weeks for one and then 6 come at once. Don’t bother reading the others from today – they’re miserable crap.

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