screenshotTor now has a hidden-service search engine that’s actually quite good: Nnqtnsoohprzqcke. Obviously you need Tor to get that link to work.

There’s some cold doing the rounds that has knocked out me and just about everyone I know. But a relaxing weekend watching all sorts of good TV has helped the immune system no end.

One minor stress was teapot, our dear old server. Firefox binaries were refusing to run because of the ancient glibc that I was running. So, in a moment of self-destructive madness, I decided to try and install a new glibc…from an ssh login. It can be done…but I fucked it up. If I was running something like debian it wouldn’t have been a problem, but slackware is only partially serious when it uses the word “package” and so it all went bollocks-up. Fixed now of course after I cleaned up the mess. Now we have a half upgraded system running a bizarre collection of library/app versions. But he’s still my little teapot. Bless him.

Humph is still beautiful.

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