For the benefit of my memory, here are some recent events. Apologies to you, loyal reader, but I don’t want to get involved in lawsuits, because the law is an ass…

  • In the enlightened world, we understand that driving a car is something that deserves one’s full attention. So observing people who talk on the phone or, worse, text whilst driving is therefore quite bizarre to us. Tonight, as I was being given a ride home, I noticed the woman in the car next to us was texting and had neither hand on the steering wheel… OK we were crawling along, but it was I76 (expressway/motorway). I regarded her with contempt and tried to make eye contact. I failed.
    Less than 10 Meters down the road we heard a screech of tyres and managed to observe the silly bitch brake and drive onto the hard-shoulder just in time to avoid hitting the car in front.
  • I for one welcome our new (potential) Dutch overlords.
  • We have a new house-guest, a little powder-blue and white budgie. Let me know if you’re interested in giving him a full and loving life (and you live in/near Philly). We’re trying to find his genuine owners but if we fail – he’ll need some love.
  • mpg321 can’t handle ID3v2 tags properly. I have a patch if you’re interested.
  • I miss my family
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