Box of arseholes

Short geek rant.
Again I’ve been booted from my goto torrent site; a site I blogged about before and a site from which I have been banned more times than I like to remember. Every ban but one was unjustified and involved me accidentally transgressing one of their seemingly infinite number of rules. The “administration” there consist of a bunch of 1990’s IRC throwback kids who like to be in a position of power…you get the picture (well you do if you know what I’m talking about). If you can’t imagine them, picture the last Labour cabinet as 16 year old kids put in charge of the sixth-form common room.
Some examples of their impotent authoritarian posturing:

  • I got banned this time for breaking the rule “only one account per household.” This was because I sent an invite to a friend, who then tried to login to his account… while we were both using the same Internet connection. So household can mean “the people currently in the coffee shop with you” – I wonder if we can get a tax break for that?
  • You don’t get a warning or explanation, you just get blocked. If you want to find out why you were blocked, you have to go their IRC channel and talk to one of the “admins”. When I said that I thought that it was a harsh interpretation of that rule, he gave me a straw man: “I suppose you think everyone should have as many accounts as they want” and then pasted the household rule from their 10,000 commandments page, in case I didn’t understand that I was clearly a terrorist.
  • At this point they like you to kneel and beg for forgiveness but seeing as I’d rather fellate a warthog, I left.
  • They will immediately ban you for using a torrent client that isn’t on their state-approved list.
  • A month or so ago I was given an official warning for “making an anti-racist remark” in one of the forums. You read that right.

Oh well, time to blag another a new account and start getting my ratio up again. Honestly, what a shower of twats.

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