Update: mp3 player

As a follow up to my rant about Dixons, the Matsui MP3 player and the broken CD, here is a brief description of how I fixed it: I bought another one. Hold on though, this wasn’t a cop out! Despite having the same, broken, cd, I extracted the firmware from the new device and constructed an uploader distribution from what was present on the cd. Then I reflashed my old device and bingo – works perfectly. At some point the new player will need reflashing and rather than do so I shall simply exercise my consumer rights and take it back for a refund.
So DSGi loose out on each occasion, purely as a result of their unwillingness to help themselves and their consumers.

Oh yes, I discovered why none of the other firmware worked properly. This device is DRM crippled and the firmware is lamely encrypted…arseholes.

If you have a Matsui 110MR mp3 player that’s broken, mail me and I’ll send you the doings to fix it visit this page. If DSGi get shirty about me distributing the software they should have been giving away themselves then I’ll take them to Trading Standards for knowingly selling faulty goods.

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