Sullied Be Thy Name

The British girl who took her school to court for not allowing her to wear a “purity ring”, has lost the case and now has to cough up 12 grand. This is, of course, excellent news, but I was more interested in another aspect of the story. Have a look at the article and note the dramatis personae:

  • Lydia Playfoot
  • Michael Supperstone
  • Paul Diamond

Don’t these strike you as being a little unusual ? They could have been invented by Dickens or Brecht.

Michele’s reaction to the name “Lydia Playfoot” was “more like Lydia Oral-play, because that’s typically what these girls do instead.” She has a wonderful way with words. The other night she drifted into the front room where I was watching ‘face the music’ on BBC4. She regarded the TV for a few seconds before turning round and asking “what is this high-brow shit ?”

Made me laugh anyway.

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