To my faithful friends

For a long while now the 21st of May 2011 has been a date I was excited about – and now it’s nearly over. But the excitement of watching truly passionate people getting proved wrong never appealed as much as watching them try to defend their points-of-view. But as ludicrous as
Harold Camping’s
theory of Judgement day was, to the Atheists it doesn’t seem any more ridiculous as any of the other crap that Christians still supposedly believe. If you go to church, baptise your children or think that the Bible has any more relevance than “Grimms Fairy Tales”, then you need to understand that atheists regard you in the same way they regard Camping: credulous and tragic. Anyone who will be visiting a church tomorrow, whilst laughing at Camping’s pathetic beliefs, is worthy of ridicule. If you fit into that category and wish to be ridiculed, then please give me a call. Yeah, naturally I realise this may offend people I’m close to. Well welcome to my world! Every time you passively accept, and then promote, dogma from some bullshit church you claim to support, you piss in my tea. Any laughter you have for Harold “waste of a perfectly good life” Camping, I have for you. But on you’ll go – breaking the concrete laws of your church (like going every Sunday, or actually believing the shit they spout) and yet you are upholding it. In fact, you’re actually making things worse: it’s the acceptance of ancient dogma, by making it out to be harmless and potentially useful, that propagates the evil within. You know that the probability your child will be sexually abused by a priest is way higher than if you left him/her with a total stranger, but you do it anyway. Why is that again? Next time we meet, how about we don’t discuss it eh?

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