Hot, sad and happy

A small green bird is currently sheltering in the crook of my arm from the oppressive airflow coming from the fan sitting next to us. The feathers on his extremities are fluttering in quite a beautiful way. Now and again he turns round to look at me, as if to make sure that everything is ok – “that wind is fine isn’t it?” We’ve had periods of extreme heat recently, and as much as I hate that humid heat, it hasn’t been too bad for either of us. This is as a result of leveraging all Air Conditioning options available to us. If there’s one thing Americans do well, it’s killing brown people; after that it’s breakfasts; after that it’s Air Conditioning. Sad list:

Happy list:

  • We got our new cooker delivered today. It’s really less shit than the old one.
  • Citi not only got hacked but it was done publicly and caused massive humiliation.
  • Excalibur
    now $4.99 to “own” on Amazon. It’s astonishingly good btw.
  • The News Quiz, Mock the Week and the joy of torrents.
  • My Tomato/Pepper plants are thriving!
  • World IPv6 day
    came and went. It created a brief period of optimism in some geeks.
  • Lightning Bugs
    have started to come out already

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