Through the zone

For the last few days I have been in the strange, obsessive world of coding. From sunday morning to tuesday night I was buried so deep in code that I couldn’t do anything else, including sleep. By today I had achieved the goal, a goal that had seemed impossible and soul-destroying only hours before. Unfortunately, the final result of this painful period was something that the casual observer would regard as a slightly crap animation.
They can’t see I’m loading PNGs into a microscopic pure C app at runtime. They can’t see the animation is on a fully transparent, layered, window. They certainly can’t see that the alpha layer is being properly merged with the background in real-time. They can’t see that any further animations are going to be a piece of piss. But I don’t care…it works, looks perfect, and I can sleep again.
We had a six hour “brainstorming” meeting today and it was pretty tricky coping. Going from such low level bit-twiddling to high level, high-concept, discussion in such a short space of time is not easy. But they ordered pizza at half-time so it’s not all bad. Another day of it tomorrow, and thus another day Humph is left at home. It would be no exaggeration to say that she was overjoyed when Michele got home today. Despite recent moments of fury with her when, for example, she takes my mind off of the course of intense concentration by pecking off my escape key and running away with it, I hate leaving her at home during the day. She takes it as a personal slight.
So much to rant about, so much wearyness.
Bye George! Meeeeeeow!

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