Lots of nothing

Michele is back, much to the relief of Humph and me. She brought us both presents so we forgive her.
She missed very little except a couple of pub visits, Mira’s birthday and a night with Andy watching Alfie and eating curry…which were pretty good events all round to be honest. Humph is visably more happy now that mum is back.
Workwise I have moved from the fashionable region of OOP back into the filthy, functional and low-level world of C (no plusses)…and what a joy. Moving back has increased productivity, reduced stress and enriched my life. Bye Java, welcome back gcc my old friend.

Politically it is a very interesting time, too interesting for this 3 minute blog and for another time. The following is a list for my benefit of topics thatr are currently foremost in my mind:

  • Cannabis propaganda, mental illness and omissions.
  • Galloway etc
  • Charles Kennedy
  • Yes Minister
  • Rich Hall

Night everyone…

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