Thought I was a doughnut, you tried to glaze me

Sometimes dreams can really pull you to bits and by the morning you feel even more knackered than when you went to bed. My version of those dreams usually involve trying to sort computer problems out and those problems leading to more problems, which lead to more problems. Today I lived one of those dreams and it was just as stressful in real life. From 11am to 8pm with no break, trying to sort out a relatively simple network problem…on a Saturday…but you know what ? The pleasure and relief of finally managing to sort it out is such a pure pleasure that it almost makes it feel worthwhile. And then going home to see my wife and parrot, having a really good curry, with a bottle or two of wine, followed by some Eric B and Rakim…it actually feels abnormally pleasurable.
Michele is one of the only people on earth that I know who can also sing along with the entire lyrics of “Paid in Full” by Eric B and Rakim. Humph is currently refusing to go to bed and is sitting on the arm of this sofa tucking into her apple and carrot; she has a ginger carrot beard. Good bird. All in all my little family is quite happy at present.

Last week was a busy, busy work week. But I got a new pair of front teeth, that look pretty damn nice, my other teeth professionally cleaned and a diagnosis of an enflamed gut. I also had a couple of lovely pub evenings with people. And tomorrow is still the weekend! Woohoo!

Good night

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