Comedy Tonight

During the festivities of tonight’s British Comedy Awards, Sacha Baron Cohen made a joke about Borat being unable to attend on account of being otherwise engaged, in Iran, at the Holocaust Denial Conference. Now, I like to think of myself as someone who keeps up to date with world affairs but this was clearly a brilliant joke. Then Michele pointed out that he was being serious….about the conference at least.
After a short period of Internet research (don’t take the piss) I realised that it was true. How this escaped my attention over the past few years of preparation is a mystery, but I can only assume that in the past I’ve seen details and thought it was a bit of sledgehammer satire, and then forgotten about it. You would be justified in the alternate point of view that I’m just a simpleton.
Some people think that racist attitudes should be banned from being made in public. I strongly disagree.
When people are forced to keep their genuine racist attitudes under wraps, they simply lie, and water down their rhetoric. Hey presto, the BNP get a bunch of council seats.
If people were allowed to express their real views without fear then there would become such polarisation that our enemies will become:

  1. Far easier to spot
  2. Fewer

How much easier it is to form an opinion on Iran when they start denying the Holocaust. Please don’t think I’m any sort of fan, or even a defender, of Israel, because I’m not. But whether or not Israel as a state has the right to exist is a very different argument to whether a race of people have the right to exist.
I hate religion.

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