The Hutton Inquiry

This Open Government business is surprisingly cool. It must be an accident – I can’t imagine MI5 or No 10 being happy with the sort of disclosure that’s going on with the Hutton Inquiry website. The BBC have been really pushing it hard on News 24 – probably so that if anything should mysteriously disappear, the chances of it being noticed would be higher.
Despite the dry nature of the evidence, for anyone with a keen interest in either government, media or voyeurism, it’s fascinating stuff. There’s something really great about seeing the private e-mails, notebook pages and letters of the people to whom we’ve supposedly entrusted the country.
Interestingly, they’ve gone to the trouble of blacking out personal details within the documents – but strangely this one however, appears to clearly show Alistair Campbell’s e-mail address. Hmm.

Finally – and I apologise in advance for this predictable comment – but the site is still very responsive considering the number of people who will currently be groping it. The reason why it’s holding up so well ? Let’s just say it isn’t running a Microshit OS 🙂
Only a matter of time before someone sets up a spoof site with a similar domain name….yawn…

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