Domestics (with parrots)

The four-day weekend was very uneventful, but not bad as a result. There was lots of quality bat-and-parrot-time. OK, I have to admit I suffered quite a few periods of despair – but I’m used to that, it’s this life thing…man. But the joy of watching Humphrey perform his experiments around the room and climb on our laps is enough to shatter the lowest of the low feelings. Despite owning a shop-bought copy of Paulie, we both watched it together on the bank holiday and bawled our eyes out. Whilst watching we also ordered the DVD from Amazon in the hope that it would contain extra features. You are only allowed to take the
piss out of me for crying at a children’s film about parrots if you’ve seen it. If you haven’t then belt up – if you have then you will be nodding whimsically with tears welling up in your eyes as you read this.

Frances (my sister) came up from Plymouth over the weekend. After a superb meal of grilled salmon in lovely sauce with…god what are those vegetables called – long thin green things – make your pee smell like a tyre fire….oh god – you know…not artichokes…..Google, Google, Google: ASPARIGUS! with posh salad at my mum and dad’s she came over to stay at ours so she could spend some time with Humph. Apart from me (not us…just me) scaring Humphrey by jogging his table while he was asleep [….leading to him trying to fly in his cage and losing three feathers….which had blood on the ends…which made me want to kill myself, but he was fine and even more friendly than ever – I don’t think he was hurt…oh dear] I really enjoyed her being here. We stayed up talking about her current situation in life and laughing about stupid stuff. The next day Chris took us both to Sidcup meadows for a bracing walk – what an effect that had on me – exposure to nature, no matter how small, does wonders for the constitution you know. If you’re feeling glum stick a finger up your bum go for a walk near some grass. Those nature vibes are good for you man. Hopefully my sister’s life is about to take a turn for the enjoyable – she deserves it.

Tuesday – back to work. It was actually quite nice. Partly because I had the best night’s sleep for months on monday night – christ knows why. Jay in the Spar also had a great sleep; must be the air in Lewisham. Nice lunch with Dave, Ian, Dan and Zap. Short meeting with Johnny Edgar and just niceness.

After work I went for a swifty with Dave, Dan and Zap. Michele came down and the she took me for a walk down to “Pets At Home ™(R)” to look at the parrots. The plan was to oggle them, whistle, generally work ourselves up into an excited appetite and then go to Gastro Gastro for dinner. What a great plan it was too, except for one thing: it turns out Gastro Gastro has packed up. Such a pity. OK it was expensive but what great food and what nice people. It was run, staffed and patronised by nice people. R.I P.

Instead Michele and I went down to “Kaya House” and had a toothsome banquet of exquisite Malaysian food. How can a place be so out of place ? No wonder you have to book on a tuesday night to get a seat but why the hell is it on Deptford broadway ? 13 years they’ve been there, and not only is the food superb, but it’s managed to develop an atmosphere….they need a community award.

Michele had asked her e-mates on (or whatever it’s called) if Humph is greeting us when he raises his wings….they said “yes”…and asked us if he wiggles his tail. On returning from the restaurant he did both and confirmed to us that he must love us….which is good to know, especially considering the amount of love we have for him. Yes I’m talking about a parrot.
All in all a lovely evening that reminded me about what life is about. And so, with a final swig of red wine, to bed.

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