Thanksgiving III – Return of the Turkey

Today marks the third Thanksgiving we have attended in a row since we moved here, and it was probably the best so far. Our nieces and nephews have progressed from babies into the realm of children: Mikey walked in wearing a nice shirt, an Argyle tank-top and sensible shoes, all that was missing was a pipe; Siena is taking pleasure in just about everything around her; and Gianna wanted to play hide-and-seek an infinite number of times.
Also the food was first class and so plentiful that I was in a turkey coma for most of the evening. The turkey was grilled, which was a new concept for me, but it was spectacular! It was possibly the best turkey I’ve ever tasted. There was also a selection of hors d’oeuvres that would have sufficed as a full meal: deviled-eggs, yummy-sausagey-cheesey-bready-things, dips, wasabi-peas and allsorts were all available and plentiful.

And then home for parrots, wine, and Guest House Paradiso. And no work until next Tuesday!

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