Even though we’re still firmly in the christmas break, sunday still feels like sunday. It’s all so sunday everywhere. Why ? What’s different about sunday ? It’s not even like I’m going to work tomorrow, so why should it feel so sunday ?

Last night Toby, Tony, Zap, a few others and I met up in the Jordan (formerly the Hogshead (formerly the Jolly Farmers)) for a few. It was one of those nights when last-orders is totally unexpected; it feels like 7pm, in fact it’s drinking-up time. So we all came back here and got stuck into some whisky, cobra and collie. We ended up watching a magic-eye video followed by a classic sweeney. Mundane as it sounds it was all good – nice to do that sort of thing from time to time. Toby and Dan had problems walking by the time they left. Mehehehehehe!

American Beauty was just on and I watched it again. Such a good film. People who slag off the US film industry really need to see it…and “Election” too for that matter – equally as good but for some reason it never got the same amount of attention.
It’s usually the same bunch of people that slag off American films who really like the French film industry…which is identical to the US one, only with the addition of a pretentious gloss that fools the eyes of the terminally dim.

Good night.

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