Rain, Vila and a new year

Two days of dark grey weather. Yesterday also included perpetual rain – not heavy but just wet and constant. Never have I been as wet whilst wearing clothes. Serves me right for going up town I suppose but I was bored and wanted to get a present or two.

I met up with Mod who was working…not as bad as it sounds, her boss wasn’t there so they all brought their games and toys in. Her and a couple of mates were meeting in an O’neils (I know I know, but this one was empty and not too expensive, in fact quite a find for a west end pub.)

After years of avoiding it, I’ve finally started using IRC. Not chatting of course, I’ll leave that to the h4x0rz n w4r3z d00dz, teenage twats and social inadequates, no I’m using it for something far sadder: downloading Blakes-7 episodes. It’s taken me two solid days to get hold of two episodes but with ADSL who cares ? Cheaper than a video, DVD or Sky subscription. Might start on the Simpsons after that.

Well, New Years Eve – and with it the usual let-down of the celebrations, forced jollity and drunkenness. Then we’ve got the hungover misery of New Years Day. Rather than looking like a glowing, joyous, prosperous time, the future looks just like the past – grey, unfulfilling and with a bit more debt.

Happy fucking New Year.

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