Strike 1

5:40 today – not quite as bad as before. I’m putting the crap sleep down to the crap bed. There’s one good reason to be pleased about moving out I suppose. We’ve both been having intense and ever so slightly disturbing dreams again. I don’t remember what mine was about, apart from having a long argument with someone about why HTML e-mail was ruining the world….oh god…
The AUT are on strike for two days this week and I’m iming to do the early shift on the picket line again. Despite being colder than a witches tit yesterday, we did a few hours of leafleting in the rain and snow. For the first time ever I went up to the rally and it was surprisingly inspiring. There were a couple of tough questions from one of the various “socialist” groups but the speakers handled it well. I’m of the opinion that dissent is essential in this sort of thing just to keep people questioning their beliefs. Even if it is always from the SWP or WRP.

Monday night Michele and I went out for a meal with Alex in a Lewisham restaurant that used to be quite good. It was a really good night, despite the meal costing 80 boody quid! How did that happen ? Anyway he has offered to let us rent his flat while he’s in Mexico which would be very cool. I hadn’t realised that he was going away so soon – scary stuff.

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