Bangers and mash

An interesting option has materialised as a result of collaring someone from the college on friday night and explaining our housing predicament. It seems there might be an option of renting a college owned flat! Fingers crossed.

Got up early on saturday to go to Eltham again. This time it was to bung 256M of RAM into Tina’s dad’s PC. You really can’t run windows for 2 years with only 64M. Seemed to do the trick, which is incredible considering I’ve been dragging that DIMM around in my bag for the last week in the rain, hail and beer.

Last night Michele and I broke with tradition and went out. Mod had invited us over for some food. On the rare occasions that we get an event in our social diary, 3 come at once. Within the space of 5 minutes, I spoke to her, Toby (who was back in London for 1 night) and Tony (likewise). We ended up goin with Tony over to Mods and it was great, but only seemed to last 10 minutes. In planning our journey we discovered that far from being a right bollocks to get to, Streatham is actually a simple, painless 20 minute train journey from New Cross Gate. Of course we discover this just as Mod is about to move out. Arses. Michele, Ian, Tony, Theresa and I were served some luxury, poshs bangers and mash. This wasn’t Walls and Smash in Bisto either (although I like that too). A selection of posh sausages, two types of mash including cheesy, and superb caramelised onions in gravy. This was followed up with home made double ginger cake and cream. DAMN!

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