Start the week

The weekend went so quickly that I woke up Friday night and it turned out to be monday morning. Hardly fair that. It was too hot and humid to actually do anything so, yet again, I didn’t. Nice Sunday evening with my mum and dad though…it turns out my great grandparents (on my mum’s side) are from Merthyr Tydfil. We already know my dad’s side were originally Huguenots so I am the product of the Welsh and the French. No wonder I hate English fact all nationalists.

Lovely morning. Scorpio (q.v.) decided to have a nervous breakdown at 9:05 today; a Monday morning. To be honest, I know how he feels. In computer years Scorpio is approaching middle-age and probably having a mid-life crisis. I’ve brought him up from a baby you know. Bless his little backplane.
Anyway, the tantrum resulted in none of the hundreds of people who work here having e-mail access for a couple of hours. For a Monday morning, that is pretty sucky. But we got everything up by 10 and after some counselling I persuaded Scorpio that life was worth living and so he’s back doing a sterling job. Should be the last nasty for a while as well. Good lad.
Anyway the prospect of working on this software project is making me more excited. I only hope we can keep our (workplace owned) flat in the mean-time, otherwise life is going to get crappy.
Now for a nice evening with me, Batly, Humph, red wine and old-skool hip hop 🙂

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