South Bank Holiday, Wikiballsup and Peregrine Falcons

One argument in favour of Wikipedia tightening-up its editing restrictions could be that it’s too easy to make a diabolical cock-up. Like today, as a random example, I was attempting to create a new article and managed to replace the entire article on Buckingham Palace with my silly little page. Stupid I know, but it was all too easy to do. Of course, reverting the change was equally quick and easy, but the revision control means that my profound stupidity will be recorded in the Wikipedia archives until the end of time, or the end of Wikipedia, whichever comes sooner.

After I corrected this faux pas, Michele and I went for a rare day out together to the South Bank. The idea was to do a walk from London Bridge to Waterloo and then go to a Tapas bar that a friend had tipped us off about. Apart from the Thameside walk being massively pleasurable, I figured we’d get to see at least some water-based avian activity along the way. What we could never have predicted was that a bunch of peregrine falcons would be nesting in the chimney of Tate Modern, and the RSPB had established a stall, titled “Aren’t Birds Brilliant!”, with scopes set-up so you could see the birds up there! Funny thing that – I’ve never seen a peregrine falcon in real life before a month ago, and now I’ve seen two. This was the first wild one I’ve ever seen though and she was a beauty. The RSPB reckon they chose the South Bank because of the high availability of food there – mainly pigeons.

In all we saw:

  • Peregrine falcons
  • Some lesser black backed gulls (including the beautiful juveniles)
  • Baby pigeons
  • Some superb breakdancers [ Edit – that video has been removed, try this one instead]
  • A mass Bollywood dance lesson
  • Loads of tourists, like us

It felt like being on holiday. Sods law meant that the Tapas bar had to be closed, and so after a long walk, a drink in The Wellington and another long walk we ended up getting some mind-blowing Italian food in a pizzaria at Gabriels Wharf.
Mmmm…mussels in white wine sauce with too much garlic….

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