Nothing to say

The usual reason I have for not blogging is having nothing interesting to say. As an experiment, this time I’ll do it anyway – sorry. To make it easier I’ll use lists.
Nasty/irritating/annoying things:

  • The whole of London seems to smell of sick, piss and trash at the moment…or is it just me ?
  • Timewasters, crooks and ne’er-do-wells on Freecycle who have been causing us a load of bizarrely unnecessary grief recently in our attempts to purge ourselves of a load of albatross residue.
  • Windows.
  • Adobe and their fucking licensing malware.
  • The cost of things these days…..ooooh…in my day you could have got double that for the cost of a toe-nail scraping etc.
  • Everything to do with “business”, especially the hollow platitudes that spew from the mouths of know-nothing, functionary, spokespeople every morning on the news.
  • Still failing to write to all of the people I want to spend time writing to…

Nice things:

  • The weather’s been quite nice. Sunny, not too hot, you know.
  • Saxondale.
  • A call to help the U.S. Americans and such as the Iraq.
  • A couple of nice hours in the pub.
  • Nice evening, and roast beef dinner, at my parents on Sunday.
  • More tunes than you can shake a stick at.
  • Sorting out loads of stuff related to Humph’s move to the U.S.
  • Nice things at work today: a good Malaysian lunch with my workmates.

No, probably wasn’t worth it was it. Oh well, I’ll wait until something interesting pops into my head before I write next time.

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