Rusty cycle

Saturday. It was so grey, so rainy, so miserable that we all enjoyed spending that day curled up indoors.
For dinner we ordered a curry from a really nice place. Sadly the people that run it don’t understand the basic rules of selling food…ie, that we are hungry. They don’t bother to employ people to deliver the food. Instead favouring to outsource the delivery to the local minicab service…who are clearly crap. It took ages, and we had to verbally guide the guy to our house…despite him having the address and despite the address being very simple to find. Nonetheless, the dinner was worth it. South Indian cuisine of the finest quality (I have ever tasted anyway). Dosas and Kotthu Roti are really gorgeous…

Last night I came in, fell asleep on the sofa, and slept for 12 hours. Humph decided that my knees were clearly parrot perches and flew over to one for a long sleep. Michele took a photo.

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