Yesterday I had my long awaited operation. Now I’m sitting on the sofa, typing this blog with Humph sitting on top of my iBook screen, preening. Pain-wise I’m fine (co-codamol/ibuprofen). But every time I’m forced to observe the “operation zone” I get scared. It’s scary. It scares me! If it gets more scary I’m off to the quack. However, as I type, co-codamol, ibuprofen and red wine are doing their thing. Please don’t get concerned about that combination of drugs…because I know a lot about them…more than you think I know…and probably more than you know. But I’m feeling fine and my swelling is very low at the moment. So shut-up.
If my experience of Lewisham hospital is typical then I would recommend it to anyone. Especially to those poor sods in Greenwich that have to deal with the QE. The nurses in the day surgery were lovely, attentive, and genuinely appeared to care…just like the fictional nurses we read about in childhood books. One of the nurses complained about the lack of Marmite availability in the “pantry”. As soon as I get fit again I will be buying them a jar.
Lots of nice text messages and e-mails have made me feel very happy.

A couple of work colleagues ended up dealing with a very shitty hardware situation that they really shouldn’t have to deal with on their own. As a last resort…and it really was a last resort…they called me about it and apologised a million times. No need. They shouldn’t have been put in that position in the first place and they dealt with it perfectly. As soon as I logged into the mail system, after it came back up, I intended to write them a thank-you note. However, before I got a chance, one of them, Sue, turned up at the door with a bunch of flowers! So nice of her. All we could offer her was a cup of tea…when, in fact, it’s her and her work mate that deserve the thanks.

Humph has now become scared that Michele has left the room…but he’s still on the laptop – looking at me. Good bird.
I’m feeling a lot better, but the “operation zone” is still in a scary state. I know that one day it will be normal again…but it’s hard to bear that in mind at the moment. This CD is really rather cool BTW!
There were loads of other things I wanted to get off my chest, but at the moment, with Humph sleeping on the laptop as I write, I feel quite content and mellow. More when the anger rises :)!
Love to you,

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