Rotating shit sprinkler

One of the problems with watching downloaded media from overseas TV is that the ends of the recordings inevitably include the continuity announcer describing the enticing wares available immediately to those lucky enough to be watching it live. It really feels like having our noses rubbed in it.

“Next on BBC Four, a programme about all of the things you like, presented by someone cool like Stephen Fry or Alexei Sayle. Meanwhile on BBC3 more comedy with Something Excellent by Sean Lock.”

We’ve pretty much given up on TV over here; even though there are potentially good programmes, the sheer weight of commercials renders them unwatchable. I’d like to say that the commercials are far worse over here, but apart from the quantity of pharmaceuticals being hawked, they’re equally as irritating as the ones in the UK. And that doesn’t even include the crazy fucking frog, which amazingly never made it over here. I’d watch 50 commercials for Viagra if it could spare me from watching one more Jamster ad.

I was off work today with some form of gutrot and the cable box was powered up for a total of two minutes: enough time to look at the schedules, check out the on-demand content and resolve to go back to watching Tron and Outnumbered.

Tomorrow I’ll probably be well enough to go back to work; a single day off has built-up a healthy list of stuff to do, so I won’t get bored by any stretch of the imagination. Just tired.

Pity the poor people in England who are suffering with a heat wave that may reach 90F. For the love of god please discover air-conditioning. It’s been permanently hotter than that here for weeks. Sucks doesn’t it ? I’m so glad not to have to use TfL. At least SEPTA is air conditioned.

And so to bed. Ask your doctor about Veghead’s Old Farts Almanac(TM).

If after reading this blog you experience an erection lasting longer than four hours, seek medical attention. This blog may cause a variety of disgusting and potentially life threatening conditions including oozing and flaking. Do not read this blog if you are in any way normal.

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