Libya/Lockerbie Anger – but he didn’t even do it!

Before you get irritated about the “Hero’s Welcome” received by Abdel Basset al-Megrahi in Libya please remember the one fact that no news network is happy to report:


This will probably be news to most people because The News(TM) would never dare report the rigorous, accurate, investigations undertaken by serious journalists at the time. Yes, at the time, serious journalists did exist.
Regardless, the guy didn’t do it. Even Nelson Mandela believes the Libyans were set-up… maybe because he was one of the few that bothered to examine the evidence.
Buy Private Eye’s “Lockerbie: The Flight From Justice”, read it, and then get angry. If you can’t afford £5 then let me know and I’ll let you borrow my copy.

Obama’s outrage about Megrahi’s “hero’s welcome” is either ignorance, or lies. Neither option is a comfort.

The reaction from the Republicans is not of interest to anyone with a brain.

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