No one I’ve asked, including a few ‘ask a quotesmith’ websites, has been able to provide an attribution for the quote:

Any civilised society is only three meals away from revolution.

apart from
Arnold Rimmer…
But in light of the recent events in Louisiana it does seem to have some credence. Chaos (not anarchy thank you very much), death and despair in the richest nation on earth surely can’t happen in the 21st century can it ? That evil baboon Bush had the shocking nerve to smile while he was talking about it last night. Maybe he really is the pig-ignorant shithead we’ve been saying he is for so long ?
There are so many reasons why Bush and all of his neo-con mates should be thrown against the wall over this, it’s difficult to isolate one in particular, but if I had to it would be that everyone, including Bush, knew that this was going to happen yet he still cut flood defenses to fund the war in Vietnam^H^H^H^H^H^H Iraq. A truly cynical act which should surely be regarded as terrorism. What other sort terrorist act could destroy an area the size of New Orleans ?
James Lovelock, the inventor of the Gaia hypothesis, surprises many people when he stands up and promotes nuclear power. However if, if, this disaster is a symptom of global warming then the argument is more compelling. In an interview he once described the impact of Chernobyl on the environment and the human race as negligible compared to the effects of global warming. If Katrina is a taster of what’s to come then we’d best get busy with the Uranium, at least until the fusion reactors manage to stay on for longer than a few seconds…

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